Friday, December 15, 2006


Mathematics (colloquially, maths, or math in American English) is the body of facts focus on theories such as quantity, arrangement, space, and change, and the academic regulation, which studies them. Benjamin Peirce called it "the science that sketches essential conclusions". It evolved, with abstraction and logical analysis, from counting, calculation, measurement, and the systematic study of the shapes and motions of corporeal substance. Mathematicians determine such theories, aspiring to make new guess and set up their truth by exact conclusion from aptly selected axioms and definitions.

Knowledge and employ of fundamental mathematics have constantly been an inherent and integral part of entity and cluster life. Alterations of the essential thoughts are noticeable in mathematical manuscripts originating in ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Ancient India, and Ancient China, with increased rig our later set up by the ancient Greeks. Starting this point on, the development sustained in fitful bursts in anticipation of the Renaissance time of the 16th century, when mathematical innovations interrelated with new technical discoveries, leading to a stepping up in understanding that continues to the present day.

Nowadays, mathematics is used all over the world in numerous fields, together with science, engineering, medicine and economics. The application of mathematics to such fields, frequently dubbed applied mathematics, motivates and creates use of new mathematical discoveries and from time to time show the ways to the growth of entirely new disciplines. Mathematicians as well engage in pure mathematics or math for its own sake, lack of having any practical application in mind, although applications for what began as pure mathematics are often discovered shortly.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Convection zone

Structure of the SunFrom about 0.7 solar radii to the Sun's visible surface, the material in the Sun is not dense enough or hot enough to transfer the heat energy of the interior outward via radiation. As a result, thermal convection occurs as thermal columns carry hot material to the surface (photosphere) of the Sun. Once the material cools off at the surface, it plunges back downward to the base of the convection zone, to receive more heat from the top of the radiative zone. Convective overshoot is thought to occur at the base of the convection zone, carrying turbulent downflows into the outer layers of the radiative zone.

The thermal columns in the convection zone form an imprint on the surface of the Sun, in the form of the solar granulation and supergranulation. The turbulent convection of this outer part of the solar interior gives rise to a "small-scale" dynamo that produces magnetic north and south poles all over the surface of the Sun.

Monday, November 27, 2006


With a little exception, most remarkably the sponges, animals have bodies differen­tiated into split tissues. These comprise muscles, which are talented to contract and control locomotion, and a nervous system, which sends and processes signals. There is also naturally an internal digestive chamber, with one or two openings. Animals with this sort of association are called metazoans when the former is used for animals in common.

All animals have eukaryotic cells, enclosed by a characteristic extra cellular matrix collected of collagen and stretchy. This may be calcified to form structures like shells, bones, and spackles. Throughout development it forms a comparatively flexible framework upon which cells can move about and be rationalized, making complex structures possible. In contrast, other organisms like plants and fungi have cells detained in place by cell walls, and so expand by progressive growth. Also, unique to animal cells are the next intercellular junctions: tight junctions, gap junctions.

Thursday, November 23, 2006


In American English usage, the name can be capitalized or spelled in lowercase interchangeably, either when used completely or prefixed with "the" Many consciously spell the name of the planet with a capital, both as "Earth" or "the Earth". This is to distinguish it as a good noun, distinct from the senses of the term as a count noun or verb. Oxford Spelling recognizes the lowercase form as the most common, with the capitalized form as an alternative of it. Another convention that is very ordinary is to spell the name with a capital when occurring absolutely and lowercase when preceded by "the". The term almost completely exists in lowercase when appearing in common phrases, even without "the" preceding it.

Terms that refer to the Earth can use the Latin origin terr-, as in terraform and terrestrial. Another Latin root is tellur-, which is used in language such as tellurian and tellurium. Such terms derive from Latin terra and tellus, which refer variously to the world, the element earth, the earth goddess and so forth. Scientific terms such as geography, geocentric and geothermal use the Greek prefix geo, from (again meaning "earth"). In many skill fiction books and video games, Earth is referred to as Terra or Gaia. Astronauts refer to the Earth as "Terra Firma".

Monday, November 20, 2006

Leather from animals

Today, most leather is prepared of cow hides, but many exceptions exist. Lamb and deer skin are used for soft leather in more costly apparels. Kangaroo leather is used to create items which need to be strong but supple, such as motorcycle gloves. Kangaroo leather is preferential by motorcyclists specifically because of its lighter weight and superior scratch conflict as compared to cowhide. Leather made from more striking skins has at different times in history been considered very beautiful. For this reason certain snakes and crocodiles have been sought to near extinction.
In the 1970s, farming of ostriches for their feathers became trendy. As a side product, ostrich leather became accessible. There are different processes to produce special finishes for many applications i.e. upholstery, footwear, automotive, accessories and clothing. Ostrich leather is measured to be of the finest and strongest in the world and at present used by all the big fashion houses like Hermès, Prada, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton. Ostrich leather has an attribute "goose bump" look because of the large follicles from which the feathers grew.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hanging Gardens of Babylon

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon and the walls of Babylon were considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World. They were both evidently built by Nebuchadnezzar II around 600 BC. The green Hanging Gardens are extensively documented by Greek historians such as Strabo and Diodorus Siculus, but otherwise there is little evidence for their existence. In fact, there are no Babylonian records of any such gardens having existed. Some incidental evidence gathered at the excavation of the palace at Babylon has accrued, but does not completely substantiate what look like fantastic descriptions. Through the ages, the location may have been confused with gardens that existed at Nineveh, since tablets from there clearly show gardens. Writings on these tablets describe the possible use of something similar to an Archimedes' screw as a process of raising the water to the required height.

The Hanging Gardens probably did not really "hang" in the sense of being balanced from cables or ropes. The name comes from an inexact conversion of the Greekord kremastos or the Latin word pensilis, which means not just "hanging” but "overhanging," as in the case of a terrace or balcony.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Agriculture - Overview

Farming refers to a wide range agricultural production work, covering a large variety of operation scales practices, and commercial inclination. At one end of this spectrum, the subsistence farmer farms a small area with limited resource inputs, and produces only enough food to meet the needs of his/her family. At the other end of the field is commercial intensive agriculture, including manufacturing agriculture.
Such farming involves large fields and/or numbers of animals, large reserve inputs and a high level of mechanization. These operations generally attempt to maximize financial income from produce or livestock. Modern agriculture extends well ahead of the traditional production of food for humans and animal feeds. additional agricultural production goods include cut flowers, decorative and nursery plants, timber, fertilizers, animal hides, leather, industrial chemicals fibers fuels and both legal and illegal drugs.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Tasmanian devil

Tasmanian devil is a carnivorous marsupial found exclusively on the island of Tasmania. The size of a small dog but stocky and muscular, the Tasmanian devil is characterized by its black fur with white patches. It has a loud and disturbing screech-like growl, possesses a vicious temperament and is predominantly a scavenger. The widespread and common throughout Tasmania until recently.
Like a lot of the wildlife, fast vehicles on the roads are a problem for Tasmanian Devils, which are often killed while feeding on other road-killed animals such as wallabies. Tasmanian devil population has been reduced by up to 80% in parts of Tasmania, which is gradually spreading throughout the island. It is believed the majority have starved when the tumors have spread to their mouths and that the tumors are spread by fighting between devils over carcasses they feed on – typically, fighting devils will bite one another's faces. There is no cure for the disease, and intensive research is underway to determine its cause. There is also a captive breeding program being undertaken by the Tasmanian government to establish a disease-free, population of Tasmanian Devils outside Tasmania.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

India and china

The Classical Indian and Classical China civilizations each created their own diverse idea of what and how things would run in their civilization. So India and China had some similarities and differed in many ways from their religious beliefs, to their political history, to their political institutions, and many more. By these classical civilizations could especially be compared in their social systems and their arts and sciences.

There are many more aspects in which these two civilizations differ. Classical China had a social system where social status could only be passed from one generation to the next through inheritance. However, there were possibilities where one could move up from their social status. And there was the rare and occasional talented peasant that was offered an education and could sometimes better themselves to the upper class. The Reincarnation was also a chance to come back as something better if you led a good life. But this was not the case in India. And the social structure in India was far more rigid and there was no chance of moving up in the social ladder. Each set of civilization had three classes and one group of low people that had no skills.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Whether university student be required to attend classes?

Some people may think that going to classes should be optional, but I disagree The Personal experience may help people learn about themselves and the world outside the classroom, but when it comes to learning about academic subjects, a student needs to be in class.
Going to class will also teaches students responsibility and discipline. In this position, they learn how to handle working with people different from themselves to achieve a common goal.
By short, by going to class students learn more than just information from the teacher. And by many times students will be given group assignments. This will different from what they did in when they were school student.
By going to class also teaches students how to work with the other members of the class. It may teach students how to learn, how to absorb information and then apply what they’ve learned to other situations. They can’t learn them by reading the textbooks. Their teacher may be the best one to help them with these skills. They might have also learnt how to learn, how to work with others, and how to work responsibly. Being in college on time with an assignment competed prepares them for a career. These will be optional skills in life, so attending classes should not be optional in college.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

A Genius

The Ancient Near-Eastern period of our history marks a very large basic change in the way human culture has evolved. At the same time, growth of its people and cities had definite improvement on urban society, which has continued to prevail through the years as a major influence over our evolvement. The Artwork which was found from that period directly reflects that change and evolvement. But Better soil, water accessibility, and easier means of trade with other civilizations provided the fabric for this new change. The Pieces uncovered by archeologists such as wall relief, vases, coins, statues, and jewelry, really show a sophisticated society unlike any seen before its time. One can only imagine what type of people curled in ancient Mesopotamia, also known as the “Fertile Crescent”. Through out its villages and cities the Ancient Near Eastern people began to colonize and thus spark the first system of hierarchy. The Priests and kings held the rite to the land and the people worshiped it!
The Palaces in this time of government were adorned with great splendor. And also the grandiose statues and intricate wall reliefs gave them life. One piece in one of the particular shows Assyria’s vision of worship and hierarchy. This piece may really pulls its viewer in making them evaluate the difference between life then and life now, as should all ancient artifacts should. The Facial expressions are limited to his profile. This way of representation of the power and wisdom is very interesting considering the attributes given to the genius to achieve this knowledge and strength; Jewelry, a distinguishing beard, and hair; a large headdress with three protruding horns; Broad shoulders with wings attached. The Lost Mesopotamia: the mighty Kings. Towards his enemies, the King was heartless. He was portraying upon himself and his kingdom, artistic representation was viewed with great awe and power due to these over-exaggerated styles.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar

Jalaluddin Muhammad Akbar:

Also spelled as Jellaladin, Celalettin was also known as Akbar the Great. He was born on October 15, 1542 and his life came to an end on October 27, 1605. He was the son of Humayun whom he succeeded to become ruler of the Mughal Empire from 1556 until 1605. He was only thirteen when ascended the throne and he said to be as the greatest of the Mughal emperors. During his reign, he eliminated external military threats from the different Afghan descendants to Sher Shah), and at the Second Battle of Panipat defeated the Hindu leader Hemu. In addition to his military gains, the emperor solidified his rule by repealing the jizya tax on non-Muslims and courting the favor of the powerful Rajput caste, to the extent of marrying Rajput princesses.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

tropical disturbance

On June 29, JTWC secreted a persistent tropical disturbance as a tropical depression while in the east of Palau. The melancholy moved northwestward and was upgraded to Tropical Storm 04W by the JTWC on June 30.on the other hand the JMA has designated as Tropical Storm Ewiniar. The Federated States of Micronesia has submitted a report saying that the depression was referring to a traditional storm god of Chuuk. . Ewiniar was responsible for at least 30 deaths in China, which it brushed as a typhoon. The typhoon gradually weakened as it moved over colder waters, and made landfall in South Korea on July 10 as a severe tropical storm.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Bluetooth is an industrial specification for wireless personal area networks (PANs), also known as IEEE 802.15.1. Bluetooth provides a way to connect and exchange information between devices like personal digital assistants (PDAs), mobile phones, laptops, PCs, printers and digital cameras via a secure, globally unlicensed short range radio frequency.The name Bluetooth was born from the 10th century king of Denmark, King Harald Bluetooth (whose surname is sometimes written as Bluetooh).

Bluetooth is a radio standard and communications protocol primarily designed for low power consumption, with a short range (power class dependent: 1 meter, 10 meters, 100 meters) based around low-cost transceiver microchips in each device. Bluetooth lets these devices communicate with each other when they are in range.

Bluetooth is in a variety of new products such as phones, printers, modems, and headsets to name a few. Bluetooth is acceptable for situations when two or more devices are in close proximity with each other and don’t require high bandwidth. Bluetooth is most commonly used with cell phones, either using a Bluetooth headset or transferring files from phones to computers. Instead of that, Wi-Fi uses the same radio frequencies as Bluetooth, but with higher power consumption resulting in a stronger connection. As mentioned earlier, Wi-Fi is sometimes called a wireless Ethernet. Wi-Fi is popular among the computing world, virtually all new laptop computers come with Wi-Fi built in, and all desktop computers are able to be adapted to have a Wi-FI connection. However cell phones do not have this ability.

The Applications of Bluetooth are:

Wireless control between a cell phone and a hands free headset.
Wireless networking between PCs with a little bandwidth.
Wireless communications with PC input & output devices such as mice, keyboards and printers.
Replacement of traditional wired serial communications.
Sending commands and software to the upcoming LEGO Mind storms NXT instead of infra red.
Transfer of files between devices via OBEX.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Storm surge

A storm surge is an onshore rush of water associated with a low pressure weather system, typically a tropical cyclone. Storm surge is caused primarily by high winds pushing on the ocean's surface. The wind causes the water to pile up higher than the ordinary sea level. Low pressure at the center of a weather system also has a small secondary effect, as can the bathymetry of the body of water. It is this combined effect of low pressure and persistent wind over a shallow water body which is the most common cause of storm surge flooding problems.

Storm surges are particularly damaging when they occur at the time of a high tide, combining the effects of the surge and the tide. This increases the difficulty of predicting the magnitude of a storm surge since it requires weather forecasts to be accurate to within a few hours.The most extreme storm surge events occur as a result of extreme weather systems, such as tropical cyclones, but storm surges can also be produced by less powerful storms.

Nine out of ten people who die in hurricanes are killed by storm surges. The Galveston Hurricane of 1900, a category 4 hurricane that struck Galveston, Texas on 8 September, drove a devastating surge ashore; between 6,000 and 12,000 lives were lost, making it the deadliest natural disaster ever to strike the United States (Hebert, 1990). The second deadliest natural disaster in the U.S. was the storm surge from Lake Okeechobee in the 1928 Okeechobee Hurricane which swept across the Florida Peninsula during the night of September 16. The lake surged over its southern bank, virtually wiping out the settlements on its south shore. The estimated death toll was over 2500; many of the bodies were never found. Only two years earlier, a storm surge from the Great Miami Hurricane of September 1926 broke through the small earthen dike rimming the lake's western shore, killing 150 people at Moore Haven (Will, 1978).

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Features of AmbiLOG

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• MSDE database integrated – alternatively MySQL, SQL or Oracle databases are supported (database licenses must be bought separately)
• Network ready
• Phone book with automatic number recognition
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• Reports of incoming, outgoing and internal calls
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AmbiLOG Web is the ideal companion to ambiLOG. This web client lets you use
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India tourism

We organize tourism in India, building India tourism a pleasurable affair. We offer variable custom-made travel tour India packages customized to cover Indiana tourism in a more successful way. You can merge into the India culture sports and tourism surrounded by India tour breaks. gives you all the information essential for an unforgettable experience in India tourism. Make the best opportunity to tour and travel in India – a country of culture and conditions.

Vacation Villas

A villa is a luxurious house built for the upper class people of Rome. An ancient author and Natural philosopher Mr. Pliny describes more in writtings about the Roman villas of the empire. He categorises the villas as two types they are the villa urbana and villa rustica. The villa urbana was a country seat which could easily be reached within a night or two from the Rome or another city. And the villa rustica is the farm house estate. These farm house estates are permanently occupied by the servants who had charge generally of the estate, which would center on the villa itself, perhaps these villas are seasonally occupied.

The dwelling quarters, consisting of several low buildings, included recreation facilities and lodgings for the servants. The villa rustica, which is the farmhouse type, had barns, orchards, and vineyards, and the villa urbana type which are used as a pleasure retreat had the incidental garden architecture adorned with fountains and sculptures.

There are other villas that originated during different periods like post-roman villas, renaissance villas, Palladio’s villas, English villas and modern villas.

Florida Lifestyle

Florida is an enchanting city located in southern United States. This magical land is filled with fun and excitement. Popularly called as “The Sunshine City”, Florida exhibits a wonderful moderate climate through out the year. The major attraction in Florida is its superb weather, this city experiences long and warm summers and cool winters. Extremes of climate are very rare in Florida. This is the reason for the migration of elderly people from the colder northern parts of United States. This pleasant weather also attracts a lot of tourists. The most fascinating aspect of Florida is its diversified cities. Each city located in Florida houses something unique and different.

People flock to Florida not only for its tourist attractions but also for its employment opportunities. Florida presents a variety of job opportunities; this is because mixtures of industries are present in this state. There are many media and gaming industries in various cities in Florida, so people interested in this field come to Florida. This state contains a lot of software and hardware industries, which invites all the software and hardware professionals.

Living in the orange country Florida gives you a fabulous experience. The taxes collected in Florida are, the sales tax, the use tax, intangible tax and the corporate income tax. There is no need to pay the personnel income tax in Florida. Some people consider the cost of living in Florida to be a bit expensive; the housing prices are also high in and around the state of Florida.

All kinds of foodstuffs are available in Florida. Owing to its suitable climate it produces a variety of fruits and vegetables. Florida is the dream place for people from other parts of the world; the reason for this is the breadth taking “Disney Land” in Orlando. This popular attraction point receives more than a million of visitors every year. Florida’s major part of economy comes from the tourists industry, while the other kind of manufacturing industries also give a helping hand.

Since millions of people visit Florida, this state is also filled with restaurants, bars and clubs. Florida contains a large variety of restaurants, and these restaurants serve different cuisines. Nightclubs and bars are also popular in this city.

Florida Vacation Resort

Florida is the most beautiful state in southeast United States. Florida is situated on the peninsula between the Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean and Straits of Florida. The Florida also has a Spanish adjective meaning called flowery. Tallahassee is the capital for the state florida. Jacksonville is the largest city in florida. The Florida has a nickname called "The Sunshine State". In United States the Central florida is called the lightning capital. Florida is said to be the most beautiful state in United States. It has various vacation spots like disney land, busch garden, sea world, everglades, florida beaches and many more. Orlando has become the most popular tourist area, because of disney world. As the major attraction is tourism in florida, it plays the major part for improving the florida economy.


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Florida, being an island is simply magnificent surrounded by water. If mankind has thought of a water sport, then it is bound to be available here. Parasailing above the water, skiing on the water and swimming in the water sounds to be a thrilling experience both for the young and the old. Besides all these attractions, finding a comfortable place to stay is a bit tedious process for the visitors. The private luxury rental home owner’s help people discover the luxurious and all expected rentals at affordable rates confined to a particular area. They also offer flexible services to their customers by providing them the best standardized rentals and make them feel it as a home away from home. All the private rentals/villas are confined to the prominent places which make the tourists feel comfortable in sighting through the places in and around Florida.

The tourists will find all the information and details about the privately owned vacation rentals or villas in Florida when they browse online. Many private rentals/villas offer much information on the luxury rental homes with all the needs and standards to satisfy the tourists. They also provide the travelers with certain tips to help them plan their vacation in the new place and suggest visiting nearby places including various new entertainment and activities put forth by some organizations in Florida especially for children. They also offer the tourists with the opportunity of selecting the rental home of their own choice in any prominent locality of their interest. They have flexible rentals to suit all needs whether it being just a couple or the whole extended family. Private vacation rental homes are privately owned and are situated in desirable locations. Their rental homes offer their special attention to the tourists from various parts oft the world who are new to Florida and provide them with all the details that many hotels are unable to offer making a villa holiday a true home from home experience.

All America's Auto Transport: Going Your Way!

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Mp3 player Accessories

We are living in a millennium where the technological advancements are above imagination. One such mind blowing audio breakthrough is the mp3 players. These mp3 players come in a variety of sizes ranging from huge players to small handy ones which could be carried everywhere. The mp3 player also called as the audio digital player comes with fancy buttons, cute icons, smart accessories and unbelievable features. They also possess an interactive display. You get players consisting of a variety of display. The display sizes also range from small to big. Mp3 players can be used with so many different accessories.

Nowadays we are able to use these players to connect to our computers where we can transfer files from our computer to the mp3 player. This ability makes the mp3 player very useful and also it avoids the use of compact disks. The innovative gadgets and accessories used with the mp3 player is aeat technological progress. The storage capacity in the mp3 player is much larger when compared to other storage medium. This high storage capacity is achieved, because all the files are stored in a compressed manner. You can even download free mp3 files from the internet legally. The mp3 players reached the heights of popularity because these audio digital players emphasized on quality. Quality is one unbeatable factor in these

Teen Credit Card Debt

3. Parents should take it as a part of their responsibility to teach the teens to use the credit card only in necessary & emergency situations. As the proverb goes “The keys to success is education”, parents must be patient enough to teach their children starting from the beginning the values of financial basics and the importance of spending money in a useful way. Experts say parents should take several steps before giving a credit card to their child. They should keep their child trained in various perspectives such as writing a check and tracking money, proper usage of a debit card, teach them how credit card works explaining them how the balance is paid within the grace period and other key terms such as late fees, etc. parents should not stop with this, they should instantly monitor the child’s usage and build up their level of responsibility. In summary credit card education would be good to keep the teens and make them use credit card in a clever way and be away from increasing unpaid balances.

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Water Treatment Systems

Reverse osmosis systems, water filters, water treatment systems and distillers all promise sparkling, clean water, but how do you know which one is really best? With a little research, you can find the ideal water treatment system for you.

Water is vital to everyday life, and throughout history people have devised systems to make getting and using it more convenient. Water is treated to achieve water quality objectives for the end uses. In the case of potable water supply, water is treated to minimize risk of infectious disease transmittal, risk of non-infectious illness, and create a palatable water flavor.

Water treatment systems are designed and built to provide adequate water pressure, and flow rates to meet various end-user needs such as fire suppression, showering, and irrigation.

Friday, May 19, 2006

Reverse Osmosis

Common use for Reverse osmosis is in purifying water where it produces water, which is in demand at all, places. One of the finest filtration under Reverse Osmosis is Hyper Filtration, where the removals of particles are as small as ions. In this Process, water gets purified and the various salts and other impurities are removed to improve the Properties of fluid, its taste as well as color.

Reverse osmosis occurs when the water is moved across the membrane against the concentration gradient, from lower concentration to higher concentration. It thus purifies water by ejecting out fluids, inorganic chemicals such as nitrates, calcium, and magnesium, other ions and contaminants.

It uses a semi-permeable membrane, allowing the fluid that is being purified to pass through it. Most of the reverse osmosis technology procedures undergoes a cross flow Process to allow the membrane to clean itself periodically. As some of the fluid gets rested in downstream, continuous cross-flow process helps or sweeps out the rejected species away from the membrane.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Individual Health Insurance California

The Health insurance California whereby the insurer pays the medical costs of the person insured if the latter becomes sick is called as medical or health insurance. It is the process of securing one’s life by prior insurance with respect to certain terms and conditons. With many health insurance plans, there is a basic premium involved, which is basically how much you pay to buy health insurance coverage. This is the basis for every health insurance plan. There are health insurance plans available almost for every places and regions. There is health insurance California, in which there is individual health insurance California, blue cross blue shield health, california life insurance, group health insurance California and lot more options available in the insurance options available. There are facilities of California dental insurance and business insurances available.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Defining the controversy

Defining the controversy
One of the primary reasons for the on-going re-categorization of this condition is that there were so few documented cases (research in 1944 showed only 76[1]) of what was then referred to as multiple personality. Although the condition does have a long history stretching back in the literature some 300 years, it remains a rare disorder, affecting less than 1% of the population (Ross, 1997). Conversely, dissociation is now recognized as a symptomatic presentation in response to trauma, extreme emotional stress, and, as noted, in association with emotional dysregulation and borderline personality disorder[2]. Often regarded as a dynamic sub-symptomology, it has become more frequent as an ancillary diagnosis, rather than a primary diagnosis. [citation needed] A full blown DID diagnosis, that intends an individual is evidencing quantifiable multiple personalities and presents itself independently of a primary personality disorder, remains rare. [citation needed]
The DSM re-dressThere is considerable controversy over the validity of the Multiple personality profile as a diagnosis. Unlike the more empirically verifiable mood and personality disorders, dissociation is primarily subjective for both the patient, and the treatment provider. The relationship between dissociation and multiple personality creates conflict regarding the MPD diagnosis. While other disorders do, indeed, require a certain amount of subjective interpretation, those disorders more readily present with generally accepted, objective symptomology. The controversial nature of the dissociation hypothesis evidences itself quite clearly by the manner in which the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders has addressed, and re-dressed, the categorization over the years.
The 2nd Edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, referred to this diagnostic profile as Multiple Personality Disorder. The 3rd Edition of the DSM Manual grouped Multiple Personality Disorder in with the other 4 major dissociative disorders. The current edition, the DSM-IV-TR, categorizes the disorder as Dissociative Identity Disorder. The ICD-10 (International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems) continues to list the condition as multiple personality disorder.

DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria

DSM-IV-TR diagnostic criteria

Due to copyright infringement issues and editorial concerns, the American Psychiatric Association has requested that specific reference to the DSM-IV-TR by Wikipedia be outlinked. The current diagnostic criteria for Dissociative identity disorder published in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders may be found here:

A definition of dissociationDissociation is a complex mental process that provides a coping mechanism for individuals confronting painful and/or traumatic situations. It is characterized by a dis-integration of the ego. Ego integration, or more properly ego integrity, can be defined as a person's ability to successfully incorporate external events or social experiences into their perception, and to then present themselves consistently across those events or social situations. A person unable to do this successfully can experience emotional dysregulation, as well as a potential collapse of ego integrity. In other words, this state of emotional dysregulation is, in some cases, so intense that it can precipitate ego dis-integration, or what, in extreme cases, has come to be referred to diagnostically as dissociation.
Dissociation describes a collapse in ego integrity so profound that the personality is considered to literally break apart. For this reason, dissocation is often referred to as "splitting" or "altering". Less profound presentations of this condition are often referred to clinically as disorganization or decompensation. The difference between a psychotic break and a dissociation, or dissociative break, is that, while someone who is experiencing a dissociation is technically pulling away from a situation that s/he cannot manage, some part of the person remains connected to reality. While the psychotic "breaks" from reality, the dissociative disconnects, but not all the way.
Because the person suffering a dissociation does not completely disengage from his/her reality, s/he may appear to have multiple "personalities". In other words, different "people" (read: personalities) to deal with different situations, but generally speaking, no one person (read: personality) who will retreat altogether.

Dissociative identity disorder

Dissociative identity disorder
Dissociative identity disorder is a diagnosis described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th Edition, Revised, as the existence in an individual of two or more distinct identities or personalities, each with its own pattern of perceiving and interacting with the environment. At least two of these personalities are considered to routinely take control of the individual's behavior, and there is also some associated memory loss, which is beyond normal forgetfulness. This memory loss is often referred to as "losing time". These symptoms must occur independently of substance abuse, or a general medical condition.
Dissociative identity disorder was initially named multiple personality disorder, and, as referenced above, that name remains in the International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems. Regardless of whether the disorder is termed dissociative identity disorder or multiple personality disorder, it is in no way related to schizophrenia. Although schizophrenia and dissociative identity disorder are commonly linked in the minds of lay people, it is a misconception.
While dissociation is a demonstrable psychiatric condition that is tied to several different disorders, specifically those involving early childhood trauma and anxiety, multiple personality remains controversial. Despite the controversy, many mental health institutes such as McLean Hospital, perhaps the best mental health institute in the world, have wards specifically designated for dissociative identity disorder.

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