Sunday, June 04, 2006

All America's Auto Transport: Going Your Way!

Since 1964, All America Auto Transport has been transporting vehicles to every city in the country and overseas. And All America transport is the most dependable and trustworthy, vehicle transport company in the vehicle shipping industry. We offer competitive vehicle shipping rates, friendly customer service, and an outstanding record of auto transport satisfaction among our Satisfied Customers, including individuals, military and government personnel, professional sports teams, and private corporations nationwide. If you choose to be an auto shipper we will ship your car wherever you're moving, even overseas, we'll make sure it follows - safely, securely and cost-effectively. Car transport (vehicle shipping/auto transport—however you choose to say it) is a task of diligence and speed, but most of all carefulness. Safety, security and industry have been the motto for our vehicle transport company. With our car transport services, we treat your cars like we treat our own.

Our Wheels Are The Best Way To Go For Auto Transport!

All America's frequent transport schedules mean a minimum of waiting time for you. We boast a fleet of over 500 car transport trucks available - just like the ones used to deliver new cars to dealers. This allows us to always meet your schedule. And this makes our vehicle transport company the best. Each car shipping truck is fully covered by public liability, property damage and cargo insurance. Your owner's insurance also remains in effect throughout the car shipping process. That's double protection for you! Our auto transport services are prompt, efficient and we constantly check the rates of our competitor so that we may keep our discounts among the lowest of all the fully insured, reputable vehicle transport companies. All America Auto Transport provides efficiency in the name of vehicle shipping.

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