Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Renowned Waterfalls in Karnataka

Karnataka is famous and renowned for its waterfalls. some well known and tourist admirable waterfall spots are Sivasamudram falls, Chunchanakatte falls, Kallathigiri falls, Sogal falls and Magod falls.

Magod Falls

Chunchanakatte Falls

Kallathigiri Falls

Sivasamudram Falls

Sogal Falls

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Admirable Destination Spots in Europe

Europe is one of the most attractive continents of the world; it is an obvious experience that is recommended for the tourist visitors at least once in a lifetime. Prosperous in historical monuments and sites that take you back to thousands of years and the most complicated choice is going to be which places to visit during your vacation. The Places to visit in Europe are Eiffel Tower, Roman Coliseum, Tower Bridge, Edinburgh Castle, Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, La Sagrada Familia, Cathedral Notre-Dame.

Eiffel Tower

Roman Colise

Tower Bridge

Edinburgh Castle

Buckingham Palace

La Sagrada Familia

Cathedral Notre-Dame