Friday, December 23, 2005

As A Child

As A Child

As a child I wanted to ask why I was handed a remote control; As a child I wanted to touch a leafI was told to wash my hands; As a child I wanted to hear the sounds of a bird I was told they were "dirty" and full of germs; As a child I wanted to reach for the starsI was told that weapons and rockets were already there; As a child I saw other children crying in the news and on the TV I was told we were "winning the war"; As a child I wanted to color a rainbowBut I wasn't allowed to play on the computer; As a child I took a stick and drew pictures in the soil, I was told that it interfered with the landscaping; As a child my heart was full of joyI was told to be quiet so everyone could hear the TV; As a child my eyes wanted to take everything in I was told to close them and dance to the beat; As a child I was bewildered and hurtingI was told that we live in a Great Nation; As a child - I grew up Into a world filled with greed, rage, and anger, Now my child asks, wonders, and feels, And I will let him discover, ask, and find; I will let him explore his world, holding in my heart the fear that there won't be one soon; But, in the meantime, he will know what love, and fun, and touching and feeling is all about So help me God.

Think Green

Think Green

This month, our theme is Think Green. Spring is just around the corner. Even though there is still snow on the ground in many parts of the country, here in the South our daffodils have already begun to bloom. You too, can enjoy a little bit of spring indoors. Use your green thumb to try planting some seeds in a terrarium or forcing some bulbs.
Did you know that the shamrock, or three-leafed clover, is a sacred plant in Ireland because it symbolizes the rebirth of spring? Check your local nurseries. Many will carry shamrocks on or around St. Patrick’s Day, March 17th.
Speaking of St. Patrick’s Day, children love fables of leprechauns. In Celtic folktales, ornery leprechauns were notorious for the tricks they used to protect their pots of gold. Here, we’ve included our own concoction, fit for any leprechaun.
March is the 100th anniversary of Theodor Seuss Geisel's (Dr. Seuss) birthday. Celebrate by reading your favorite Dr. Seuss books with your family. Do you like green eggs and ham?
Project: Forcing Spring Bulbs
Bring a bit of Nature indoors. You can force hyacinth, paper whites, crocus, and tulip bulbs to bloom by placing them in a shallow bowl filled with gravel.
Bury the bottom half of the bulb in the gravel.
Add just enough water to cover the stones.
Place the bowl in a cool dark place for three weeks.
When green shoots emerge, move the bowl to a sunny window. Soon fragrant blooms will appear.
Recipe: Leprechaun Limeade
2 Cups Water1 Cup Sugar10-20 Mint leaves½ Cup Lime Juice (3-5 limes)4 Cups Cold Water1 Drop Green Food Coloring (optional)
Combine the first 3 ingredients. Boil for 5 minutes, stirring occasionally. (This can be done on the stovetop or in the microwave).
Remove from heat. Once the mixture has cooled, remove the mint leaves from the sugar syrup.
In a 2-quart pitcher, combine the syrup, lime juice, and 4 cups of cold water. Add food coloring, if desired. Serve over ice. Just for fun, garnish with shamrocks.

How Do I Love Thee?

I was recently having a conversation with a client about relationships and we uncovered an interesting fact: Sometimes, the way we need to show love isn't the way that others need to feel love. I'm sure there are many books written on this subject, but we came up with a simple way to find out how the other important people in your life get to feel loved. Just pay attention to how they show love to you. For the most part, we know what makes us feel loved, so we assume that is true for everyone else. When we encounter others we love, we show them our love by what works for us. Most of us don't even think about, let alone talk about it, so it's not surprising that we don't 'get' that there are different ways to show and feel loved. Some examples might be: (a) Physical demonstration, lots and lots of hugs (b) Small gifts or 'necessities' that say 'I was thinking about you when you weren't in my face'. (c) Saying, frequently, 'I love you'. (d) Asking pertinent questions about your day, how you're feeling, what you think about things, etc. (e) Working their butt off to provide the other person with stability, security, food, shelter. Here are some ideas to make use of this information:1. Once you notice how they are showing love to you, and you know how you show love to them, try an experiment. Within a half hour period, show them love in two ways. First, show it your normal way and then within 20 to 30 minutes, show them love the way you notice they show you love. Check out the reaction from each. Which one seemed to be felt deeper? Which one got the biggest smile? Wow! Just think what it would do to your relationship if you always got that biggest smile! 2. Either share the experiment or tell the others in your life what really makes you feel loved. Unless it's pointed out to us, most of us don't get this 'intuitively'. Why sit around waiting for them to figure it out when you could be feeling loved? After all, you needed someone to point it out to you! 3. If the other person shows their love by working their butt off to make your life better, I think the simplest way to have them feel love is to acknowledge what they do and how much you appreciate it. 4. What makes me feel loved might be different depending on who the person is (a parent vs a spouse, for example) 5. I probably need all the different forms of being shown love at different times, depending on what I'm experiencing at the time. However, there is one that is dominant, that will do the trick most of the time. 6. It is possible to experience the shift of 'knowing' that you are loved to 'feeling' you are loved. And feeling that you are loved may be one of the greatest tonics ever.

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Ten Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

Ten Tips to Organize Your Bathroom

If several household members are sharing a bathroom, follow these tips to help organize it.1. Clean out every drawer and shelf in the bathroom. Get rid of anything that isn't being used. 2. Move your medicines to the kitchen. The heat and steam in the bath can ruin them. 3. Give each household member a different colored basket to fill with toiletries. No sharing. Make sure everyone has their own toothpaste, eye drops, cosmetics and grooming supplies. Each person will keep the basket in his or her bedroom. 4. Evaluate your storage. You will need places for: towels, nail care, extra paper, feminine hygiene products,hair care and back-up supplies of soap and shampoo. Nothing else belongs in the bathroom.5. Use a shower/bath caddy for shampoo and soap. They are inexpensive and are available in many different styles.6. Set up a drip-dry container for bath toys if you have small children. Cut slits in an empty wipes box for aninexpensive solution.7. Make space for a small, lidless hamper or laundry basket. Otherwise, have a system for depositing usedtowels in the laundry room.8. Use hooks instead of towel racks for kids. They'll be more likely to use them. Have as many hooks and/ortowel racks as you have persons using the bathroom.9. Make a checklist of all products in your bathroom as well as those used by each individual. Review weekly before shopping.10. Explore the variety of storage options you can use in the bath. Small countertop drawers can organize cottonballs and Q-Tips. Cutlery trays in drawers, plastic shelves under the sink, caddies which attach to doors, and rolling carts can all contain the clutter that so often accumulatesin this much-used room.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Distiller Water Filters

Water distillers use electricity to heat tap water to boiling point. Generally the Impurities are left in the container and the purified contents go back to a clean container. They need a higher level of efficiency and cannot give immediate supply, because the boiling process must be over before water is present. There are a number of reports in that distilled water is not fit for health because it takes away nutrients from the body, being the most 'unnatural' of water.

Ionized Water Filters
These are generally filtered using an acid and an alkaline. They run between the positive and the negative ends of the electrodes and get the charged and acidic water. They are formed using 70% alkaline water and 30% Acid water. Alkaline and Acidic waters have unusual properties and benefits, but anyway their respective uses could not be more different.

Back flush Water Filters
They are costlier compared to charcoal filter units, but justify this by their claims of longevity. They are highly durable and efficient.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Buying A New Car

Buying A New Car

Buying a new Lambo Kit Car (car) is most expensive thin that we do. , Second only to your home! It is therefore essential that you are fully ready for this event and aware of different options and possible problems. Below are some important tips for preparing to buy your new Lambo Kits (car), which you may find helpful as a print- out so you can tick off what had been done and see what still needs to be done.

Buyers Checklist
Have a budget – this must be sensible. Do not be tempted to make the financial plan fit the car. Include the cost of insurance, fuel and servicing.
Decide how you are going to pay – a car loan, finance through a dealership, full payment?
Decide what you exactly want – be sure to judge what you need in a car. Is it to travel long distances, transport children or just for you?
Check the internet to get an idea of current prices, makes and models.
Make up a list of Kit Cars(cars) that are suitable (fit within budget and needs).
Take the time to look through around different dealerships – ask salespeople for prices and deals.
Although luxurious a new car offers reliability, with warranties covering any repairs needed for a set amount of time after purchase – check time and details of these with dealers and compare them.
Test drive all cars on the list – consider comfort, handling, parking and even colour (you may have the car for quite a long time).
Test drive for at least 10-15 minutes on a variety of surfaces to give an idea of handling.
Decide on 2-3 cars and write a list of good and bad points about each one.
Pick one car and go back to various dealerships – ask them what their best price for the car is.
keep in mind not to but impulsively – if you are getting fraught then go home and try again the next day.
Be ready to haggle a bit with dealers – ask them what they will include for the price (audio equipment, mats, tank of fuel). You are about to spend a lot of money with them, so they are likely to want to come to a deal.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Oil Paintings

One of the famous painting medium on use is oil paints famous for the look and originality that the oil paint brings in to the paintings. The oil used in painting kept on changing keeping in mind various factors of viscosity, solubility, comfort ability, the color required for the painting and the drying time. Some oils used in historical periods could be flax, walnut, Olive oil or poppyseed oil but the drying time was long for these oil paintings and in the case of olive oil it was excessively long which brought in usage of drying oil as a varnish on oil paintings.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

orlando villas

Sitting here in early August gazing at the grey English skies makes me long to
return to sunnier climates. My thoughts turn firmly to Florida and I find myself
browsing for Orlando villas to rent on orlando

I remember my last trip as if it was only yesterday, especially my close encounter
whilst absorbing one of Central Florida’s natural attractions, the swamps.

Although we were staying in an Orlando vacation rental home which are mainly
filled with out-of-state tourists, I bumped into a local called Carl who was
working for who suggested that our families meet up one
Sunday afternoon at a country park about 30 miles North West of Orlando. Eager
to see more of Florida’s natural beauty, sure enough one week later we
found ourselves heading up to Wekiva. We met with our new friends and decided
to rent some canoes and head north upriver.

The shallow river was fairly dense with fallen trees and navigating them was
difficult. Whilst rowing with one ore and two you kids was hard-work heading
up-stream, the current made it fairly easy to control the canoe and navigate
the tight corners. As we passed one particularly hairy tight spot, a 7ft alligator
was clearly visible. The kids, aged 4 and 5, were already on the lookout for
alligators and they fell very silent as we passed.

Eventually we found a sand island in the middle of the river and stopped for
refreshment. My 4 year old picked up a stick that was floating down-stream.
When he asked me why the stick was moving I shouted to him to drop it, fortunately
it looked like it was just a water snake.

I need some excitement in my life again, time to fins another Florida vacation
villa for rent on If I can, I’ll try to stay at Emerald
Retreat again as it was a wonderful villa with everything that I could have
dreamed of, details can be found at

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


A local area network (LAN) is a computer network covering a local area, like a home, office or small group of buildings such as a college.
When using ethernet the computers are usually wired to a hub or to a switch. This constitutes the physical layer.
A layout known as a spanning tree protocol is often used to maintain a loop free network topology within a LAN, particularly with ethernet.
A number of network protocols may use the basic physical layer including TCP/IP. In this case DHCP is a convenient way to obtain an IP address rather than using fixed addressing. LANs can be interlinked by connections to form a Wide area network. A router is used to make the connection between LANs.
LANs are distinguished from other kinds of networks by three characteristics: (1) their size, (2) their transmission technology, and (3) their topology.

Boxer Briefs

Saturday, August 20, 2005


An intranet is a local area network (LAN) used internally in an organisation to facilitate communication and access to information that is sometimes access-restricted. Sometimes the term refers only to the most visible service, the internal web site. The same concepts and technologies of the Internet such as clients and servers running on the Internet protocol suite are used to build an intranet. HTTP and other internet protocols are commonly used as well, especially FTP and email. There is often an attempt to use internet technologies to provide new interfaces with corporate 'legacy' data and information systems.
There does not necessarily have to be any access from the organisations's internal network to the internet itself. Where there is, there will be a firewall with a gateway through which all access takes place. Traffic going through the gateway can be monitored by the organisation's security department. This means that organisations that allow their staff internet access can normally determine which internet web sites are being viewed, block access to specific sites they don't want them to see (such as pornographic sex sites), and even trace offenders who persistently attempt to view them. They can also block certain types of web content (such as objects) which they consider a particular security risk.
Where external email access is provided, known sources of spam and specific types of email attachment can be blocked by the organisation. It should also be noted that emails sent and received this way can be required to be produced by the organisation in the event of legal action against it by a third party.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Processing (Processor)

A CPUThe arithmetic and logical unit, or ALU, is the device that performs elementary operations such as arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, and so on), logical operations (AND, OR, NOT), and comparison operations (for example, comparing the contents of two bytes for equality). This unit is where the "real work" is done.
The control unit keeps track of which bytes in memory contain the current instruction that the computer is performing, telling the ALU what operation to perform and retrieving the information (from memory) that it needs to perform it, and transfers the result back to the appropriate memory location. Once that occurs, the control unit goes to the next instruction (typically located in the next slot (memory address), unless the instruction is a jump instruction informing the computer that the next instruction is located in another location). When referrring to memory, the current instruction may use various addressing modes to determine the relevant address in memory.