Sunday, June 04, 2006

Features of AmbiLOG

• Anonymous caller numbers for privacy purposes
• Automatic import of users and extensions
• Clearly arranged total reports
• Compose your individual queries by drag and drop with query reports
• Export reports as PDF, Word, Excel or RTF files
• Generate your own reports
• Graphical reports
• Manual or automatically scheduled import of CDR data (hourly, daily, weekly or monthly)
• MSDE database integrated – alternatively MySQL, SQL or Oracle databases are supported (database licenses must be bought separately)
• Network ready
• Phone book with automatic number recognition
• Powerful administration and configuration features for users, extensions, apartments and projects
• Reports of incoming, outgoing and internal calls
• Reports of multiple sites
• Scalable user access rights
• Send reports by email
• Tariff manager
• Traffic evaluation by callers, users, extensions or PSTN trunks
• User-friendly graphical interface with shortcuts, explorer and main window
• View and print graphic or text reports
• Tree functionality for quick report queries
• Individual creation of query reports

AmbiLOG Web is the ideal companion to ambiLOG. This web client lets you use
ambiLOG’s powerful features everywhere in the world where you have access to the
internet. The elegant web interface lets you work as if you were logged-in to your local network.

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