Thursday, November 02, 2006

India and china

The Classical Indian and Classical China civilizations each created their own diverse idea of what and how things would run in their civilization. So India and China had some similarities and differed in many ways from their religious beliefs, to their political history, to their political institutions, and many more. By these classical civilizations could especially be compared in their social systems and their arts and sciences.

There are many more aspects in which these two civilizations differ. Classical China had a social system where social status could only be passed from one generation to the next through inheritance. However, there were possibilities where one could move up from their social status. And there was the rare and occasional talented peasant that was offered an education and could sometimes better themselves to the upper class. The Reincarnation was also a chance to come back as something better if you led a good life. But this was not the case in India. And the social structure in India was far more rigid and there was no chance of moving up in the social ladder. Each set of civilization had three classes and one group of low people that had no skills.

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