Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Top Destinations in Nigeria

Owu Falls

Located in Kwara State of Nigeria, it is the steepest natural waterfall in West Africa and is surrounded by tropical rainforest in which can be found a wide range of animals and plants not seen in other parts of the world.

Ikogosi Warm Springs

This is a natural warm spring that flows and mixes with cold water issuing from another spring. This place atracts tourists from all over the world.

Eleko Beach

Eleko, down the Lekki Peninsula about 30 miles from Lagos is peaceful, tranquil and ideal for privacy

Lekki Beach

There are several beaches along the Lekki Peninsula, the foremost being Lekki Beach, located a few miles from the city centre. Lekki Beach is another of Lagos' attractive beaches and remains popular with foreign tourists. Beach shelters made of palm fronds and umbrellas, available for rent, keep the sun at bay, as well as provide a place to enjoy snacks or refreshments sold by local traders

Calabar Beach

This beach, at the mouth of the new Calabar River, is uninhabited save for a solitary fisherman\\\'s hut. The beach is virtually isolated and lends visitors the luxury of privacy in a beautiful setting off the beaten path. Since the beach is flanked by a swamp and can only be reached by boat or canoe, getting there is half the fun and enhances one\\\'s fascination with this enchanted locale

Tarkwa Bay

Tarkwa Bay is a sheltered beach along the Lagos harbour. It is accessible by boat from Maroko or from under Falomo Bridge on Victoria Island. This beach provides a pleasant outing with safe swimming conditions, even for small children.

Bar Beach

Bar Beach, also known as Victoria Beach, is the most popular beach among Nigerians. The main beach on Victoria Island is located along Ahmadu Bello Way opposite the Federal Guest House

Coconut Beach

Coconut Beach is a beautiful beach in the coastal town of Badagry, west of Lagos. The beach is attractively set in an area surrounded by coconut trees. About 20 miles towards the border of Nigeria and the Republic of Benin, Coconut Beach is accessible through the Lagos-Badagry expressway.

Shere Hills

Natural. Shere hill is about 1829m above sea level. It is recognized for its good sporting activities. It is found in Jos, Plateau state.

Imoleboja Rock Shelter

This is a massive granite rock with inner apartments capable of accommodating a large number of people. In the local dialect of the people it means ‘God has built a house’. It is found in Odo-Owa, Kwara state.

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