Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Most Beautiful Places to visit in China


Shichahai is ascenic area of history and culture in Beijing and one of its historicaland cultural protection zones. It lies in Xicheng District, the centerof the city, and is close to its central axis. With a336,000-square-meter water-covered area connected with Zhongnanhai, itis the only open scenic area with a wide expanse of water in the city.

Badaguan in Qingdao

Badaguanin Qingdao This scenic spot gets the name for there are eight streetsnamed after eight great passes in ancient China (Shanhai Pass, JiayuPass, Wusheng Pass, Ningwu Pass, Juyong Pass, Shao Pass, Zijing Pass,Zhengyang Pass). In fact, there are another two: Hangu Pass and LinhuaiPass.

The Historic Centre of Macau

TheHistoric Centre of Macau is the product of over 400 years of culturalexchange between the western world and Chinese civilization. Thearchitectural heritage, predominantly European in nature, stands in themidst of traditional Chinese architecture in the historic settlement,providing contrast. ”The Historic Centre of Macau” is the oldest, themost complete and consolidated array of European architectural legacystanding intact on Chinese territory.

Suzhou Old City

SuzhouOld City One of the key cities in the Yangtze River Delta, Suzhou is arenowned cultural, historic and tourist city. The city is located inthe southeast of Jiangsu Province, bordering Shanghai on the east,Zhejiang Province on the south, the Taihu Lake in the west and theYangtze River in the north.

Gulang Island

Theoriginal name of Gulang Island was Yuanshazhou (Round Shoal). In theMing Dynasty, it was renamed Gulang, meaning “drum waves”, because areef in the southwest of the island hit by the waves of flood tide makesounds like the drum beating and was named “drum wave stone”.

Benxi Water Cave

TheWater Cave is lying by the bank of Taizi River in Benxi City. It isfamed for its water scenery and has the longest boat passage of anyshow cave in China. The cave passage is wide, with fantastic views onboth sides. With many twists and turns, it is named the ”Nine-curveSilver River”.

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