Sunday, March 03, 2013

Most Bizarrely Shaped Islands on Earth

1. Heart

‘Lover’s Island’ just off the Croatian coast is one of the few naturally occurring heart shapes on Earth. Actually called Galešnjak, it is a privately owned island located in the Adriatic Sea, close to the town of Turanj. Full of wild plants and trees, but little else, this sleepy isle came to worldwide attention because of its unusual shape in February 2009, when it was publicized by Google Earth.

2. Dolphin

There are so many stunning landscapes on Earth, yet nature never ceases to amaze. Islands are often beautiful enough in their own right when seen from ground level: we don’t need to discern any particular pattern in their design. When viewed from above, you might imagine the shape of islands to be random too, but a look at the following images may make you think again. Sprawled out in the oceans, islands can paint many a strange picture. Mother Nature certainly seems to have had a sense of humor in designing them!
This coral reef island – situated off the north coast of Flores Island, Indonesia – is simply stunning. It looks as though the shape of island was inspired by dolphins that might have been swimming around it. Simply breathtaking!

3. Boomerang

Wow, look, a boomerang, right in the middle of the South China Sea! If you want to spot it, you have a good chance to do so on a flight from Manila to Kuala Lumpur – about 45 minutes after take-off, advises photographer, Earl. The atoll is part of the Spratly Islands – an archipelago of over 750 islets, reefs, cays and islands – and is a real shape-shifter: depending on the season and the flow of the current, you may find a different form meets the eye.

4. Eye

This incredible human eye, complete with retina and iris, can be found in the Maldives. Or, staying with the marine motif, perhaps it could be conceived of as a majestic jellyfish. Actually, of course, it’s a coral reef – or, according to photographer Mohamed Shareef, the birth of an island...

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