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Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations in India

Looking for a special destination for that special someone in your life?

Well, you got it here! Couples worldwide come to India to spend a splendid time with the most beautiful person in their life. India offers a multitude of choices from mountains to beaches, to forts and gardens to start your relationship with a romantic essence.

To make your honeymoon the most cherishing and exciting moment of your life, we present below the top 10 honeymoon destinations in India.

Lakshadweep Islands:

The pristine coral paradise of Lakshadeep with a tinge of bluish-green waters is an exotic archipelago in the Arabian Sea. It possesses everything required for a perfect honeymoon. Lakshadweep Islands lives up to the expectation as the best romantic destination in India.

Honeymooning in Lakshadweep will turn your fantasy into real-life experience. This sparsely inhabited land has extraordinary beautiful ambience setting stage for an incredible romantic vacation. You can relax on the beaches of this wonder world amidst the sound of the roaring waves, the rustling sound of the swaying palm tree, and the amazing marine life.

The most romantic place to stay at Lakshadweep would be the beach cottages. Your window will give you an amazing view of long stretch of white sand and Palm trees. You can step out for sunbathing or building sand castle. If you are adventurous, you can engage in snorkeling, diving, or maybe parasailing. Otherwise you can head off on a boat scrutinizing the natural lagoons, enchanting coral reefs and visiting the fantastic Bangaram and Agatti. An experience that is indescribable is a bird’s eye view of Lakshadweep Islands through the helicopter rides.

The adventurous sports along with a wonderful combination of scenic splendor adds a special dimension to the island Lakshadweep. The matchless beauty of these emerald islands will certainly overwhelm each honeymoon couple. This solitude island will provide the newly weds with ethereal moments of sheer wonder and bliss.

Andaman & Nikobar Islands:

If you are dearly looking to find a pleasurable and romantic start to your life then Andaman & Nicobar Islands would be the best choice. This is the place, where you could find opportunities to spent quality time with each other.

Exploring this island is a mesmerizing experience by itself and the coconut palms surrounding the coastline add zest for rejoicing and merriment. You can spend an excellent time by visiting the stunning places of these islands. The fabulous company of your beloved one will enable you to look at the island from a different perspective.

The island hotels are extremely pleasant and peps-up your mood with tastefully done up rooms. You can enjoy both North Indian and South Indian food. The pleasant and soothing climate is ideal for the romantic mood. This island is neither very hot nor very cold either. If you are planning to take a romantic trip, December to April would be an ideal choice because of pleasant weather.

The bravura of the Andaman and Nicobar islands will provide you with more than just a week of fun, togetherness and relaxation. Romantic getaways to these islands of Andaman and Nicobar will grant you with memories of special moments, memories that will carry on for a lifetime. A blend of natural beauty, stunning marine life and adventure sports will make your stay peaceful and pleasurable one.


The setting sun, miles upon miles of golden sand, coconut palms playing with the wind. This is the charm of Goa. If having a great time with a dear one is on your mind, Goa is the perfect place for togetherness. Multi-cuisine restaurant, clean and secluded beaches make Goa an ideal setting for romance and relaxation.

The lush natural beaches, excellent infrastructure and facilities, warm and welcoming people - all add to the special magic of Goa. A 131-km long coastline means choices are aplenty. Visit Anjuna for its lively flea market, Palolem for water sports and Calangute and Dona Paula for shopping, nightlife, food and drink. Head to Vagator, where dramatic red cliff looks down on the shore. These unique features make Goa the coolest hot spot for honeymooners.

Life in Goa is full of song, dance and merriment to the lilting beat of guitar and drum. It’s peaceful and serene here, just the right atmosphere for the lazing holiday-maker seeking Sun-n-sand, food-n-wine.

Goa is a hot honeymoon destination not just for celebrities, but also for foreign and domestic tourists who want to associate the most important event of their lives with the picturesque settings of one of the beautiful states of India. Goa has a little bit of everything, both for the extrovert and as well as the introvert. Goa gives the opportunity to newlyweds to savor it their way and to keep its landscape etched in their heart forever.


With natural beauty at its best, planning your honeymoon in Kovalam is no brainer. Rows of swaying coconut trees are lined along the sandy beaches of Kovalam. Chatting and relaxing under the palm trees with swishing sound of the waves and the breeze in the background will add a romantic touch.

Taking long walks with your dear one, relaxing beneath the swaying coconut palm, sunbathing and trying luscious seafood are some of the common activities that couples can join in.

A canopy of lush green vegetation to shade you, and the gentle swoosh of your boat sliding through Kovalam’s jewel-green backwaters is an idyllic, and perhaps an unusual way to explore the place with your spouse. A luxurious boat-ride gives you a fascinating glimpse of village life in the little town.

Adventurous couples can jointly participate in water sports like kayaking, swimming, surfing, waterskiing and kayaking.

With its expertise in ayurvedic techniques over centuries, Kovalam makes sure you pamper yourself and leave in the pink of health. While every hotel will offer at least a rejuvenation package, for more specialized treatment, you can head to any of the renowned ayurveda centres.

It is said that the best things in life are free. With Kovalam renowned for its cerulean colored water, silky sand, beautiful beaches, and lush green coconut trees, you’ll start believing in this adage. These natural and romantic surrounding add luster and vibrance and make your moment with your loved one captivating and delightful.


The lush valleys, sparkling lakes, high mountains and beautiful scenery make Srinagar a tempting place for honeymooners. Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir, is a very popular honeymoon destination. It is a perfect place to start you life in the wonderful company of your partner.

No hotel in the world can compete with the charm of the shikaras (houseboats) in Dal Lake. The most luxurious ones are furnished with the finest carved walnut wood, hand-embroidered fabrics and carpets; a passionate place for the honeymooning couple. The amazing view of snow-covered mountains by the side will make the experience a memorable one.

The grandeur of the charming Mughal gardens of Shalimar Bagh, Nishat Bagh and Chashma Shahi will add color and radiance to happy moments of your life. The sight of fresh flowers, tempting fragrance emanating from them will help you to unwind and enjoy every minute of your honeymoon in Srinagar.

The gigantic mountains and thick pine forests add splendor to the already charming city. Beautiful lakes, charming rivers, lofty glaciers, and pleasant weather throughout the year make it an ideal destination for newly weds. A holiday in this paradise, glittering in nature’s beauty will linger in the minds of the visitors for long.


In the refreshing hilly air of Darjeeling, acres of tea plantation will offer you a majestical and cherishable honeymoon like no other destination. The narrow hilly path of Darjeeling leading to beautiful quaint spots has a magical effect. The red and golden hues of the sunrays early in the morning give a spectacular effect to this hilly region. The picturesque land in the east India, although remote, is a charming honeymoon spot.

You can plenty to do in Darjeeling. Catch the spectacular view of the Kanchenjunga from the Tiger hills early in the morning. Visit the elegant monasteries of Darjeeling. Take a leisurely walk amid the tea bushes observing tea pickers at work and watching fresh tea leaves converted into tea. It is this amazing experience of this secluded region that makes it popular among honeymoon couples.

The poignant, multifarious scenery and astounding beauty of Darjeeling will make your honeymoon an experience that will linger in your memories for a lifetime. The exotic fir forest, the emerald green tea plantations, undulating hillsides and the white magnolias add magnificence to this rightly called ‘Queen of all Hill Stations’. It gives honeymooners respite from the usual cacophony of our day-to-day life.

Whether you prefer to relax, adventure or savor the flora and fauna of this region, Darjeeling is really a traveler’s delight. River rafting and canoeing are also widespread in Darjeeling apart from mountaineering and trekking.

Invigorating environment with splendid view of the beautiful valleys and the breathtaking view of the sunrise and sunset makes Darjeeling qualify as the most popular honeymoon destination.


Jodhpur offers a unique honeymoon experience sans the run-of-the-mill mountains and beaches. If you are a couple who are fascinated by the rustic villages, heritage structures and palaces, Jodhpur is where you want to go.

You can explore this ancient land of loyalty, dedication and love through unique village safaris. These village safaris will take you to the interiors of the village and give you ample opportunities to mingle with the locals. The newly weds will be spellbound by the architectural splendor of the majestic forts and palaces. Jodhpur is filled with romantic legends and sagas. Bejeweled camels, enthralling havelis and colorful crafts will add glamour to your honeymoon.

Some of the palaces, which have now been converted to hotels, are best to stay in. This will add a touch of yesteryears passion to your honeymoon period. The hotels of Jodhpur have the right historic ambience that will set the atmosphere right for a splendorous romance.

You can embark on a romantic excursion to the lakes and historic spots and spend time together as you begin to bond on this land of lovers. Include tours to Umaid Bhawan Palace, Phool Mahal, Mehrangarh Fort, Balsamand Lake and Mandore Gardens in the honeymoon itinerary. The romantic destinations of Jodhpur will leave a romantic spell on the honeymoon couple.

Don’t forget to pick traditional handicrafts, jewelry and textile items of this region while you are on a shopping spree.

Choose Jodhpur as your destination and this land will bear testimony to your love story, as it has been doing to love stories since age-old times.


Honeymooning in the intoxicating and invigorate beauty of Coorg would be a wise choice if a secluded getaway is what the couple is looking for. The orange orchards, the refreshing aroma of coffee and acres of verdant greenery is ideally suited for a cozy honeymoon. Your time here promises to be loads of fun. So look no further for a holiday that rejuvenates and offers tons of peace.

Coorg’s evergreen dense forest on the southern range of the Western Ghats and the plantation that cover this landscape make the visual imagery mystically charming with a chilling eeriness to it. At the bottom of the hill slopes under canopies of huge trees are grown orange, black pepper, anthurium flowers, paddy and cardamom and coffee. These plantations exude a heady fragrance setting the atmosphere right for a romantic getaway.

Sprawling in the midst of cloud-wreathed hills, this misty town is a haven for walkers. Coorg can be visited around the year owing to its pleasant weather.

Accommodations at the well-networked home stays are usually run by the well-off local population who own plantations around Coorg. These spacious homes built inside the estates promise an even more tranquil experience for the newly weds. A home stay will also provide the best opportunity to savor the mouthwatering spice-rich Coorgi cuisine.

This one-traffic signal town is the ideal destination for honeymoon with a tempting combination of solitude and fresh air minus the frills and fanfare of what most typically tourist spots have to offer.


Located on the Nilgiri hills and surrounded by blue mist, Ooty is probably the most celebrated honeymoon destination in India. And rightly so. Plethora of beautiful flowers on the hilly slopes, splendid tea and cardamom plantation and mist covered mountains indeed make Ooty a very romantic place.

Ooty is serene enough for lovebirds that are looking forward to a quiet retreat. You can pick a start to your day among a romantic walk into the dense forest or a gorgeous mountain trails. Complement it with a visit to beautiful spots of Doddabetta Peak and Ketty Valley. You could also gallop on ponies wandering through the Blue Mountains. Top it with a romantic meal in the woods. Waterfalls arising out of the blue and sight of variety of bird species add to the excitement.

In your spare time, you can visit the botanical garden and glance at the incredible collection of shrubs, trees and beautiful collection of roses. For couples wanting to join in some action, venture into the lakes and spend time together in the pedal boats. A ride in the mini blue train which will take you through the eucalyptus forest and tea plantations is a must.

The abundant flowers, lushy vegetation and majestic hills add charm to this quaint hill-station. Ooty is perfect place for couples who like to be in the lap of nature.


Shimla is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations of India. The moment you enter, you’ll be greeted with salubrious climate, and picturesque green hills with snow peaks surrounded by thick forests of fir, pine and oak making it a favorite among honeymoon couples.

To the delight of the visitors, Shimla has gorgeous views of the Himalayas, trips to the surroundings countryside coupled with excellent hotels and impressive vestiges of its colonial past in the old vice regal Lodge, the Mall and the Christ Church with its stained glass windows. For more energetic entertainment, hit the indoor roller-skating rink in Lakkar bazaar or go open-air ice-skating above the Rivoli Bus stand.

Easy accessible, good infrastructure and numerous places of attractions make Shimla a worthwhile destination. The gushing sound of streams, swaying fields, natural surroundings as well as man-made edifices accompanied by tranquility and peace will make honeymoon in Shimla pleasurable. The extravagance and solace of Shimla has made it a crowd-puller.

Shimla’s enchanting beauty is available all around the town. Exotic places of interest like the Chadwick falls, Jakhoo hill, Summer hill, Prospect hill add romance to Shimla honeymoon. Affordable hotels are also available to suit every couple’s budget.

Shimla has plenty to offer trekking enthusiasts as well as those looking for easy hikes and scenic drive. You can view some of the most beautiful mountainscapes and flower-filled meadows in Shimla. A drive around Shimla will take you to rustic villages, river gorge, temples and pastures. Exploring Shimla with your beloved will add zing to your romantic holiday.


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