Monday, January 30, 2012

New travel updates – 2012

Here are a dozen piece of information for the 2012 traveler.

  • The Department of Transportation this month denied requests to delay implementation of this rule, so as of last week, you will know what you'll pay if you decide to check a bag or another piece of luggage.

  • You won't immediately know how much your entire airline ticket will charge when you book online - at least not yet.

  • You'll almost certainly be paying more for airline tickets. That's not a big shock; although oil prices teased us last fall by reducing to $80 a barrel, they're hovering around $100.

  • Credit card companies will continue to court your business with tremendous flier-mile offers. 2011 may be remembered as the year British Airways seduced with the assure of 100,000 flier miles for signing up for a Visa card.

  • You'll pay more for hotels in a few places, and Southern California will be one of them. In Los Angeles County, you'll fork over about $5 a night more for a room, up to an average of $132, and in San Francisco, the regular rate will rise by about $10 to $136.

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