Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Exotic Beauty of Japan

Japan has an incredible variety of museums, galleries, shrines and temples to keep you preoccupied for many days. In the city of Tokyo there is a wide spectrum of places to visit, from the very distinguished Imperial Palace, home of the Emperor and past shogunates, to the legendary Tokyo Tower, an urban landmark in many Godzilla movies. Make your Japan Tours a memorable experience.
Temples in Japan are much more complex in structure than the shrine. Tera, as the temples in Japan are called, abound in this Buddhist country.

Gardens in Japan are an integral part of Japanese culture and way of life. They represent the aspect of art of Japan.

Shrines are an important part of the Japanese culture, they are considered as the holy abode of the Kami, sacred objects of who are kept in the innermost chamber of the shrine away from the prying eyes of ordinary mortals.

Japan boasts of many, beautifully arranged open air museums. These museums display historic buildings from various regions of Japan. The buildings belong to historical periods.

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