Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Travel to the Taoyuan County beaches

Though there are many plateaus in Taoyuan County, the beach scenery in the county is also gorgeous! Traveling from north to south, visitor will pass by four townships: Lujhu, Dayuan, Guanyin and Sinwu.

Lujhu is the nearest township to Taipei County. For this reason, it is the second most visited beach area for citizens in northern Taiwan, next to the Northern Coast Scenic Area. Though the Beach Recreational Park was a perfect place for citizens to appreciate the coast view, the park was abandoned after the expansion of the North Coast Highway as a result of poor management. However, the completion of the highway also created a number of smaller scenic areas, except that they are smaller and scattered, without central planning.

Dayuan is one of the external ports of Taiwan, it was originally known as the Zuwei Fishing Harbor. After the completion of the CKS International Airport, now Taoyuan International Airport, the fishing harbor developed a tourism transportation industry. The Rainbow Bridge was recently completed to boost the local tourism industry. Moreover, a beach ecological reserve has been created as part of the county government plan. This should attract many migratory birds to visit there every year.

zhu_wei_sea_areaAfter establishing its fame with the lotus festival, Guanyin has been attracting more and more visitors. The Pashajia Lighthouse and Guanyin Temple in the township are the two famous attractions in the Guanyin Scenic Area. The temple, lighthouse and lotus festival have by far become the representative tourist attractions of the township.

Sinwu, located in the extreme south of the county, is making continued efforts to develop its beach tourism, especially the Golden Shore Plan. Together with suitable publicity from the county government, Yongan Harbor, Yongan Beach Park, Yongan Snow Forest Amusement Park, and the Green Tunnel in Sinwu have made a name for themselves as great natural tourism destinations for the public.

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