Sunday, February 21, 2010

Banjara wall hanging

This marvellous art form emanated from one of the most colourful and vibrant tribes of the country. Banjara attire reflects the romantic aura and the free spirit of the Lambadas or the Banjaras or the Gypsies as they are variously called. Staying in communes, they still strive to preserve the fascinating traditions of their ancestors. Tattooed women, their hands weighed down by ivory bangles, create captivating mirror work. Banjara Apparel, with excessive mirror work and pleasing colour combinations, perfectly balanced and blended,is a treat to the eyes. The Choli and the Skirt intricately embroidered with beads and shells, attract the attention of many a foreigner. Despite their gradual absorption into the mainstream of life, the Banjaras still continue to keep in touch with their age-old customs, traditions and beliefs, An off-shoot of Banjara needlework is the fantastic range of artistic piecces like bags, belts batwas, skirts, blouses, bed apreads, sofa backs, cushion covers and many more utility objects that meet the changing tastes and requirements of present day connoisseurs. Such is the beauty and variety of Banjara works of art specifically on garments that it has also captured the imagination of the fashion world.

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