Friday, December 18, 2009

AntiTheft Devices

Engine Disabler or Kill Switch:

This well hidden switch is installed so when turned on, it cuts power to your starter.
Engine Disabler
Armor Collar:

A metal shield that locks around your steering column, which prevents tampering with the ignition switch or starting mechanism. This prevents "hot-wiring" a car because the area is inaccessible.
Armor Collar
Hood Lock:

A hood lock prevents a thief from stealing parts under the hood or disconnecting anti-theft devices.
Hood Lock
Fuel Switch:
When turned on, this mechanism stops the flow of fuel from the fuel pump so the car will only go a short distance and then quit.
Fuel Switch
Time Delay Switch:

This is a power cut-off device which, unless a switch is turned off, will disable your car shortly after it's started.
Time Delay Switch
Time Delay Ignition:

This device will activate your ignition only after a preset time has passed. There is no way to activate the ignition before the preset time has elapsed.
Time Delay Ignition
Clutch and Brake Lock:

This mechanism, used only on manual transmission vehicles, locks the brake pedal and the clutch pedal together so one can't be operated without the other.
Clutch and Brake Lock

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