Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Automotive Assistance Programme (AAP)

The Automotive Assistance Programme (AAP) is 'Open for Business'.

The advice and guidance shown below is designed to inform and assist businesses assess themselves against the eligibility criteria.

Eligible companies: an initial expression of interest can be raised that should also include a short overview covering the criteria and how they are met, a synopsis of the project or initiative under planning, and the level and type of financial support being sought. This should be sent electronically to the email address identified at the close of the guidance.

What is the purpose of this scheme?

The Government has been listening carefully to the concerns of the UK automotive industry.

New investment is vital to ensure that the industry emerges from the current downturn with the skills and technology base needed to be competitive in the global automotive market and to develop lower carbon transport.

The primary aim of this package is to support the continued delivery of that investment - investment that will create or sustain jobs, develop cutting-edge technology, bring special value to the UK, reduce CO2 emissions and maintain R&D in UK vehicle manufacturing.

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