Monday, June 08, 2009

Microsoft Gives Windows 7 Box Art

Microsoft gives PC users something to gaze at

As Microsoft continues its marketing push for the Windows 7 operating system, the company is systematically releasing details and information about its latest Windows OS.

After announcing a public release date of October 22 this year, the official box art for each Windows 7 version has been released. The image offers details on Ultimate, Professional, and Home Premium versions of the OS.

The October 22 release date will ensure Microsoft will have the OS available for the 2009 holiday shopping season -- the OS can be sold OEM, or be bundled on PCs and notebooks sold by B&M retailers -- though the Redmond-based company will miss out on back-to-school sales.

There were numerous unconfirmed images of the Windows 7 box art floating around the internet for weeks, but images first revealed by CentrumXP proved to be accurate when they were later added to the official Microsoft Windows 7 OS page.

Microsoft continues to launch a PR campaign aimed at helping PC users forget about Windows Vista -- considered a flop among many reviewers and PC users -- so they can be better prepared for Windows 7. The company is expected to announce pricing information and other details regarding its highly-anticipated OS in the coming weeks.

Even though Windows 7 has gotten a lot of media attention, it'll see light competition from Apple's Snow Leopard OS and Google Android OS this fall -- despite the pressure, Windows 7 should quickly shoot to the top of sales charts.


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