Wednesday, February 04, 2009


VICTORIA – The Province and the BC Lung Association are congratulating approximately 7,000 British Columbians who are actively working to quit smoking by participating in the BC Lung Association’s QuitNow and Win contest, said Mary Polak, Minister of Healthy Living and Sport, and Scott McDonald, executive director of the BC Lung Association.

“As we kick off National Non-Smoking Week, it’s encouraging to see so many British Columbians make a commitment to improve their health by eliminating tobacco use,” said Polak. “The personal stories shared by QuitNow and Win participants on reflect the powerful and negative hold a nicotine addiction has had on many British Columbians and their families. It takes courage to make this commitment and I commend each participant and wish them every success.”

The QuitNow and Win contest launched on Nov. 24, and British Columbians began registering their plan to quit smoking. When registration closed on Jan. 5, 2009, more than 7,000 smokers had registered, and those who live tobacco-free between Jan. 6 and Feb. 2, 2009 are eligible for $20,000 in prizes.

“We are thrilled by the number of people who entered the QuitNow and Win contest,” said McDonald. “They’re already winners in our eyes. Smoking is a terrible addiction, and quitting remains the single most important thing a person can do to ensure a long, healthy life. That’s more valuable than any contest prize could ever be.”

QuitNow and Win is supported by ActNow BC, which is government’s healthy living initiative to encourage British Columbians to lead healthier lives through increased physical activity, healthy eating, eliminating tobacco use and healthy pregnancies.

“I’ve always wanted to quit, but haven’t had the motivation,” said Torrie Cherot, a Victoria resident who is participating in the contest and celebrating her 24th birthday. “QuitNow and Win has provided me with a jumpstart to quit smoking. I feel better about myself and have more energy every day that I don’t smoke.”

Since 1977, National Non-Smoking week has promoted a wide range of support for smokers to quit, while helping prevent non-smokers from becoming smokers and promoting the rights of individuals who do not smoke.

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